About Troutfitters, The Rivers,
 and Fly Hatches

About Troutfitters, Troutfitters was started in 1983 by Frank and Edith Stanchfield (Big Hole Valley Natives).  They are assisted by next generation Stanchfield's, Lance, Becky, and Kenzie.  All have grown up and fly fished on the Big Hole River.

Colt Anderson's uncle

Troutfitters, located within casting distance of the famed Big Hole River, two miles west of Wise River, Montana, provides the ultimate in fly shops, fishing information and guide service in southwestern Montana.

It is the desire of Troutfitters and their experienced professional guides to provide for you fine fishing, hearty meals, quality trips, personalized service and fond memories not easily forgotten.



Although our speciality is float fishing trips on the Big Hole River, the Jefferson, Madison, Beaverhead, and Missouri rivers offer their own special brand of top quality fishing.  For the serious fisherman who would like to experience several of these fine streams we can custom design a tour to include samplings of the most productive areas during your stay.  These tours let you take advantage of the finest weather, water and fishing conditions available.


Riggs and Brian

For more information contact

Lance and Becky Stanchfield
62311 Hwy 43, Wise River, MT  59762
(406) 832 3152

For shuttles call: 406 832 3212